White Lines

Thin white lines laid out ahead

Beckoning to me

Faster, faster…come on…you can handle just a few


Do the people around me see their inefficiencies?

Do they see how slooooow they are?

Why choose boxes when there are lines?

Do they not understand the white lines’ power?


A little danger never hurt anyone

I live for that thrill

And I get so close…to my euphoria

I can practically taste the cigarette of the man next to me…

and he can’t keep up.

I have the white lines.

What does he have? Safety? Pah.


If it’s a compromised line I am pulled in a direction I don’t want to go

With laser focus I’m off course, of course

The white lines are there but I can’t see them…

I want the lines back…there is safety in precision.

It’s too much. I’m shaking. There are sparkles in my skin…

What happens when I crash?


My heart races with the privilege of the lines.

Not everyone can live like this…

Not everyone dare put their lives so close…to…death…

Grazing my fingertips against danger, the white lines will always beckon

Faster and faster…I can’t say no.

I’m off.

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