Angel Wings

The wings of angels fill the skies,
Delightful to see from down where I lie.
Their shimmering feathers so brilliantly white,
Sparkle and dance as they begin to alight

On rooftops they stand and watch me gaze out in wonder
At relationships that will not be put asunder.
Through troubles and strife they hold on tight,
Through mountains and valleys they will be alright

From where I stand I can easily look down
And seeing what is there just makes me frown.
Caught between the two worlds of right and wrong,
I’m twisted and miserable, how I belong.

For up with the angels all bright in their good,
Lies salvation and hope and other things that I could
Not expect to receive in this heart of mine.
I belong downwards, with those of my kind.

The angels just watch as I gather my things
And bid them farewell, with their glorious wings.
To take my place down below where the temp is just right
Alone, in pain, and rightfully out of sight.

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