Anchors Don’t Need Air

Spiraling down, faster and faster,
I’m unable to keep myself focused.
Can you stay steady?

Bucking, harder and harder,
I’m trying to throw you.
Can you hang on?

I’d rather drown by your hands than use my own;
So hold me down.
Be my anchor.

Stay firm. Stay calm.
Fend off my dragons as yours claw at your back;
They will see your quiet calm and run.

Stand on your tippy toes;
Hold me above water while you struggle to stand.
You gasp for air as I push you back down.

I don’t care. I’ll be alive,
standing on the bodies
as they stack high.
Of those who tried
To stay steady,
To hang on,
To hold me down,
To hold me up,
But gave way,

Anchors don’t need air.

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