Book Editing Kickstarter Request- Yes, I’m Asking For Money

I hate asking for money. It is not that I’m extremely prideful, but it is that I know so many other people are worse off than me so how could I ask for assistance in a goal that is strictly mine? Anyway, strap in, because I’m about to ask for money.

I have received a quote from the editor that the agent wishes for me to use for my book, ‘Breaking “Innocence”’. The quote is a sizable amount, $15,000, but it is well-deserved from an editor who specializes in females in the military, PTSD, and interpersonal relationships. After speaking with the editor and discussing her approach to character development and a rounding out of my story, I wish to proceed with working with her. So I started a Kickstarter campaign to help me reach this goal. I am asking for $13,000 to be raised strictly for editing costs for this book, that has already been pretty much written and read by quite a few of you.

I can’t express how much appreciation I have towards those of you who have told me again and again that this story needs to be told. Your moral support really keeps me going when I think about how uncomfortable this story makes me. I have tried my best to write honestly and without bias about my experiences in Afghanistan as a young and dumb female Marine, because some stories need to be told. This Kickstarter will help support the editing and publishing of this true story, and not be used for my personal enjoyment. Any money that exceeds the cost of editing the book will be donated to a veteran’s foundation (I have yet to decide which one). If you wish to support this endeavor, please pledge some dough, and if you wish to receive an autographed copy of the final product, select the “reward” and make sure to put your name so I know who it is going to. I will be reaching out for addresses to ship the books when publishing becomes more concrete.

Again, thank you so much for your support. Artists may make the art, but benefactors make the artists.

The First Time

I feel the sparks when I touch your skin, the same sparks that always bring me back again.
We melt together as if we were nothing apart, and the heat grows between us with my hand on your heart.

Your eyes rest gently upon my face as you reach down for one small taste
Of my opened mouth, filled with spices and wine.
You flick your tongue inside as if to say “you’re mine”.

Your fingers trail to my shoulders, all bare, then reach up to stroke the loose strand of my hair.
Your touch is firm as you cup the side of my face, my heart skips a beat and then picks up the pace.

Your body is pressed flush up against mine, every breathe and gasp is responded to in kind.
We slowly peel away each thick cumbersome barrier;
the closeness of your skin makes everything scarier.

With murmurs and whispers of comfort and zeal, what we are about to do becomes all the more real.
Gazing between us, we both look down, you place your hand on the top of my mound.

Then you spread me apart and plunge in deep, proving to the world that I am yours to keep.
Buried inside me, we gasp in surprise.
This feeling of completeness was clear in our eyes.

Moving together, we build the heat higher;
The sparks of intent cause a huge wildfire
Which engulfs me in flames that reach up through my heart
And I fear for the day when the sparks tear us apart.