Tui Magnificum Loci

Prisoner in the moment, forced into your head. You have no other purpose; you just do what they said

To sit in this place, with people all around; can you not fight back? Can you not make a sound?

Listen to your words; handle them well. Don’t let your anxiety grow, convince yourself to quell

All of your thoughts with the crowd gathered round, while you sit in that chair and not make a sound.

Remind yourself that there is a place they cannot reach; with magic abound and no limits to speech.

Your mind is a palace full of treasures unearthed, so sit back in your chair and giggle with mirth.

They can’t tell you what to think or stop your mind from wandering; so live your life like a magician sauntering.

You have so much to build in this palace of yours; so stack up the walls and begin the grand tours.

Take peeks through the doorways you never knew existed; remember the things you properly insisted

Be forgotten with time and buried with the oddities; remember your intelligence is quite a great commodity.

Treat your imagination with care and let it flourish; otherwise you might end up a tad boorish

Like the ones with their gags held tightly in their hands, preventing great talk from traveling throughout the lands.

Embrace the crowd within your own head and regale them in the things you’d rather left unsaid.

“For no one out there gives a damn about your elegantly roughened thoughts, Madame.”

When they tell you to hush with their voices of judgment, remind them that forced silence is repugnant.

So when you sit in your chair with that crowd gathered round, trying so hard to force out a sound,

Remember that you are a creator, my dear, and go forth to build palaces of words without fear.

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