The Afghanistan Story

Musical Introduction

Chapter 1- Every Grain of Sand

Chapter 2- Offer Up Your Best Defense, This is the End of the Innocence

Chapter 3- And I’m Staring Down the Barrel of a .45

Chapter 4- Smokin’ In The Boy’s Room

Chapter 5- Louie, Louie, Oh No, Saying We Gotta Go

Chapter 6- ‘Cuz I’m Broken When I’m Lonesome

Chapter 7- Boom Like That

Chapter 8- Hold The Line, Love Isn’t Always On Time

Chapter 9- Just Walk Away, Renee

Chapter 10- Don’t Trust a Ho, Don’t Trust Me

Chapter 11- Welcome To The Jungle, It Gets Worse Here Every Day

Chapter 12- And I Was Thinking To Myself, This Could Be Heaven or This Could be Hell

Chapter 13- All We Are Is Dust In The Wind

Chapter 14- Come On All Of You Big Strong Men, Uncle Sam Needs Your Help Again

Chapter 15- Enter The Young by R.J. Virkler

Chapter 16- She’s So Heavy…Heavy, Heavy, Heavy, Heavy

Chapter 17- Get Your Motor Runnin’, Head Out On The Highway

Chapter 18- We’ll Make A Film About A Man That’s Sad and Lonely And All I Gotta Do Is Act Naturally

Chapter 19- But Damn That Radio Song

Chapter 20- I Can Tell That We Are Gonna Be Friends

Chapter 21- I Know That You Are Wrong And This Is Not Where You Belong

Chapter 22- Down In The Street There Is Violence

Chapter 23- Let The Bodies Hit The Floor (Warning: Graphic)

Chapter 24- Half A World Away

Chapter 25- I Won’t Duck And Run

Chapter 26- Today Is The Greatest

Chapter 27- You And Me, Baby, Ain’t Nothing But Mammals

Chapter 28- And Tears Of Joy Stream Down My Face

Chapter 29- Oh, Sweet Child Of Mine

Chapter 30- I’ve Been Running Down The Road Trying To Loosen My Load

Chapter 31- Hold My Hand

Chapter 32- I’m On Top Of The World

Chapter 33- I’m Starting With The Man In The Mirror

Chapter 34- You’re Gonna Wish These Days Hadn’t Gone By So Fast