To Tell

Your secrets are carried within me,

I keep them locked down tight.

Perhaps I’ll let them out

When the moment is just right.


Her secrets are also mine,

Held loosely within my hands.

I yearn to tell about them,

To shout across the lands.


My allegiance is not remotely hers,

She is worthless in my eyes.

Why then should I try to refrain

From spilling all her lies?


His secrets are my heavy shackles,

Wrapped tight and crushing my chest.

I want to talk about all of his wrongs,

And put the suspensions to rest.


For he was never good to me,

And as silly as it sounds,

I long for others to know his secret:

That his deception knows no bounds.


He was never one for valor,

She was always dumb and mean.

If people knew the truth about us,

Would we act as we try to seem?


For within us are all these secrets,

Desires and fears alike.

Some have already taken actions,

And others are just waiting to strike.


So continue to tell me your secrets,

And hers and his and theirs.

I’ll pack them away just for now,

And remember I told you to bewares.

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