Small Appreciations

Fresh and bright flowers on the table, freshly cut grass, a dusty desert night, freshly picked mint leaves that you rest on your tongue, well-flavored food, the sparkle in your breast when your child begins to feed, freshly washed and tight sheets you slide your feet in between, a handwritten letter just opened and about to be read, the back corner of a library all quiet, your lover’s hand resting on the small of your back, a rolled hay bale ready to be climbed, reaching out in the dark and feeling their hand clasp yours, cold showers after a hard workout, freshly shaved and smooth legs, stacks of books with old bindings, a hand sliding around your waist from behind and pulling you close, the burn of a workout that makes your hips ache, gold sparkles in the blue of the ocean waves, no light pollution nights with a sky blazed with stars, a cheesecake that doesn’t crack when it’s baked, the weight of your child on your lap, getting an email that isn’t spam, the first sip of coffee as it slides down your throat, moving your tongue over your just brushed teeth, seeing their face brighten when they see you, tracks in the carpet of the vacuum’s path, the feel of an empty bladder, your child’s fingers stroking your arm as they cuddle with you, a swelling belly that begets life, carrying all of the groceries in one trip, resting your hand on your lover’s chest, waking up to no alarms, an outfit that shows all of the right curves, fixing the network and restoring communications, bellyaching laughs with open mouths, David Draiman and Roy Orbinson’s voices, light strokes of fingers on your naked right side, completely charged electronics, having a mentor come to you for assistance, an open and empty road, your child padding into your room and quietly climbing into bed with you.

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