Relief from the Storm

Thunder from above the scene
Down the icy shore
Roots of trees gnarled and wet
Soaked from the angry pour

Lightning brightens, jagged and torn
The sky is full of threat
Below the animals scurry in fear
Their eyes are panicked and set

Wide and stricken
They sense something isn’t right
This storm is different and very wrong
From all the other nights

The crunch of a boot is loud and grotesque
It clashes with what should be
A fear of the storm sweeps through woods
As a gloved hand is placed on a tree

A distant light flickers through raindrops that fall
The prowler crouches forward, deftly drawing an awl
Lightning flashes again, sealing his fate
Not one second more, revenge couldn’t wait

The fire spat and steamed, rain hissing in anger
Suddenly the storm air was heavy with languor
It awaited the moment sought for months upon end
One more lightning flash and back her arm did bend

A crash of the thunder covered the sounds that came
He looked back in shock and gasped out her name
It was too late for remorse, regrets whispered in vain
He had done his bad deeds, he had caused all of this pain

She wiped off the dealer of death on the ground
And the animals began to fill the woods with sound
No more reason to be quiet, she straightened with pride
Her laughter filled the air, there was nothing more to hide

The breath from her mouth came out solid as smoke
There grew an idea this journey did evoke
And down the icy shore she did walk
There was no more fear, hope would no longer balk.

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