A Wedding Speech

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Savannah and I am Allison’s friend and matron of honor. I am also a long-time fan of Benny. And on behalf of Allison and Benny, I would like to thank you all for coming to celebrate with them as they join together for the rest of their lives. They appreciate those who have traveled from all parts of America to party with them in this beautiful location.

Now Allison is a woman who knows what she wants. She sets goals and meets them, and everything about this wedding is a tribute to her level of dedication. If you look around, you’ll see bits of her favorite blue permeating the scene. From the dresses to a portion of Benny’s ring, Allison has placed a bit of what she loves. And when it comes to knowing what she wants, Allison has picked an upstanding man to be her husband. Although they are completely different people, they compliment each other. Benny tells a lame joke and Allison rolls her eyes (and secretly loves it). Allison sets the plan and Benny falls in line. They are a well-balanced pair.

Friends, family, and newlyweds, I want to use an analogy that Allison should appreciate as a finance officer to offer a perspective on marriage.

Marriages are partnership investments where the husband and wife are fully vested from day one. These investments have potential for amazing returns. They start with a large deposit of complete commitment and about six larger checks made out to the wedding venue. -Pause- After the deposit, every action, every word, and every intention is either a healthy increase or a serious withdrawal towards the marriage’s overall balance. Over time, as this balance grows larger and larger through shared time and laughter, through amazing trips and stressful days, the marriage’s worth becomes so great that the marriage can suffer the withdrawals (big and small) without going bankrupt. Because withdrawals towards the marriage account will happen; life happens. People get sick, careers get busy, and some get surgeries (and if you’re lucky like Benny, multiple surgeries on one body part with a little deadly infection thrown in).

As this marriage continues through the years, there will be such large gains realized that you will look back at your initial deposit and wonder how on earth it managed to grow so robust from such a comparatively small beginning.

To friends and family here, it is our responsibility to encourage the health and wealth of this marriage through small deposits of our own: a shoulder to cry on, well-intentioned advice, and most important of all, a listening ear.

To Benny and Allison, keep depositing the good into your marriage. Keep growing your communication, love, and understanding of each other’s best selves. Retain the respect that you have for each other throughout the years, and I promise that the growth of the marriage and of your love for each other will have returns beyond what you can imagine.

To respect and love, to large returns, and to you both. Cheers!

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