Seven Nights, A Different Man

Sunday’s man is patient, calm, and so forgiving.
His comfort brings me hope and makes me want to go on living.
His necessary presence is strong and very quiet,
And he kisses me gently to ease me into the weekly riot.

Because Monday’s man comes knocking harshly on my door.
And I brace to see what this relationship is going to have in store.
But Monday is the man to which I’m tightly bound,
And he gives me lots of money so I guess I’ll keep him around.

Tuesday is a robust man, who stuffs me until I’m full.
There’s tacos and margaritas, which I guess all really rule.
I’m a glutton for punishment, and this man doesn’t steer me wrong.
And he keeps me pretty satisfied but never for very long.

Wednesday is a family man who really cares about the kids
He scrambles back and forth mumbling about Tupperware lids.
Repetitive and dull, poor Wednesday’s man isn’t wanted,
But how else does one get a pretty family to be flaunted?

Mr. Thursday smells of lemon and something very “clean”.
Unfortunately, his piles of dirty laundry turn me rather mean.
Thursday is insistent and cannot be ignored,
But his monotony will always leave me tired and very bored.

Friday is a sweaty man, who leaves me breathless with his vigor.
He scratches at that itch that feels like I have a dug in chigger.
I look forward to him most, and I hope this he knows.
The joy on my face when I see him so very clearly shows.

Saturday’s man has peals of laughter and is full of joy.
Every interaction is like I’ve unwrapped a brand new toy.
The warmth in his embrace cannot be found elsewhere.
But he is as fleeting as all the others, girl, beware.

These men are so demanding that I fear their constant rotation. Maybe I’ll get a girl instead and take a man-vacation.