The Final Sunset

Every sunset belongs to you
Purples and pinks fading to cerulean blue
Colors spread out like the quilt on our bed
Just as crumpled as when I last picked up my head

The quilt is fading and the stars become lit
Shining brightly above the sand where we sit
In comfortable silence, we remember the past
Both wondering what caused it not to last.

You smell like memories of the best kind
As you hold me the scenes of our past come to mind
Beautifully painful I view them with care
They remind me that life will never be fair.

Sensing my sadness your hands reach to touch
My face with such love that it becomes too much.
Your words hold the light to the darkness that comes
With every assurance you utter my soul hums.

The sunsets belong to you,
And I’m lucky to see them once a day
Before the cerulean blue stretches over the land
Where we made our love so true