Chapter 45- The Warhawk’s Prayer

Blessed Saint Michael, Archangel of Battle,

We pray you watch over our souls.

And should we walk into combat this day,

We pray you be our shining armor and protection

Against the snares and fires of these wretched demons we face,

Who believe themselves our equals.

Guide our rounds to pierce their flesh and into the empty blackness these wicked men call hearts.

We shall take violent vengeance against those who have trespassed against us,

And stolen our Brother out of cowardice and fear.

We shall rain down upon them the Raging Fires Destruction brought forth from the depths of Hell itself,

Born of our anger, our agony and our pain.

The full weight of our violent rage shall come down upon them and crush their blackened hearts,

And we shall repay these wicked men with death.

Each and every corrupt and twisted soul to cross our path shall be slain,

That we may send them to the Gates of Judgement.

And if, in your wisdom, we should fall in Righteous Battle,

We pray you, take us gently and with compassion.

Guide our fallen through the Holy Gates unto the Almighty’s domain,

That we may stand among the Just and Saintly.

Oh Saint Michael, Prince of the Heavenly Host,

We beg of you, sharpen your sword, ready your shield, and fly with us into Battle.

Written by LCpl Alex Aron Daniel Salgado

Police Mentor Team RCT-2

In the days and weeks following the loss of Cpl Joshua Dumaw, who was KIA on the evening of June 22, 2010 in Nimruz Province, Afghanistan

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