Journal Entry #2

It hurts for me to think that every person was once a very vulnerable child who needed love and comfort. Think of all of the bad people in the world. And then think about what they were like as children, children crying over their scraped knees or laughing as a bubble popped on their nose. Every human starts out in this vulnerable place, relying on the adults around them, trusting wholly in society, delighting in their learning.

When does it all go wrong for the bad guys? Is it the first time we are disappointed by a parent? Is it the first time we realized that those souls on the Titanic would never emerge from their watery graves, that death is truly the end of the only existence we know? Think of Trump, of the ex you hate, of the person who bullied you in middle school. Think of them all as toddlers, struggling to climb the stairs. Think of the first time their heart broke and they cried into their pillows.

When we look at people, can we try to remember their innocence and forgive them for how events have steered them away from that toddling and innocent child? Can we look at the inner children in each other?

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