Journal Entry #12

I firmly believe there are areas of science and technology we have yet to discover. How egotistical can we be as a society to believe that what we know right now is the sum of all scientific knowledge? How can we insist that anything is the answer if it has not been proven…and if it has been proven, can it also be disproved with the emergence of new principles? How can we claim a belief in anything based on faith alone? Look at the impact the Internet has had on society over the last twenty years. Look at how recently quantum physics has been explored. That is why it always surprises me when people refuse to be curious about the state of the world and themselves. We are ever evolving, ever battling chaos internal and external to whatever defined system we are experiencing…this constant shift will push us towards discovering and proving more areas of physics and sciences that can help clarify the world we live in and how we experience it.

I believe future sciences can help bridge the gap between science and spirituality. Note I said spirituality and not religion…as religion seems like a flawed application of spirituality. How do we explain things that we just “know” (what some people would refer to as faith)? Can we not eventually prove faith and intuition? An idea I keep coming back to in my musings is that there are sometimes things I just know. There is no one telling me outright…but I can feel it. I can usually make my life easier by not ignoring this (intuition?) and by adhering to the direction I know an experience or an interaction is going. The hardest experiences for me have been when I ignored what I knew and tried forcing something else because I didn’t like what I knew.

So when I wonder about where this knowledge and intuition comes from, I think about unspoken clues such as body language. People who have endured trauma, especially as children, seem hyper-clued into the emotional state of those around them. They had to know the emotional state of the people around them as a form of self-preservation, so they could prepare for what was coming. When I notice people standing a certain distance from me, or how they turn their hand a certain way, I think my body and mind are constantly processing more than I am consciously aware of and sending me into a state of hyper-arousal that translates to intuition. And since human behavior is typically patterned…how much of this “knowledge” is simply cheating with concurrency patterns?

However, this doesn’t explain how I know things about people I cannot see, who I do not interact with in the physical plane… What I know goes beyond normal social cues.

When people talk about “good vibes” (cue eye-roll about the typical unattached Southern California bro), I cringe. But maybe there is something there. Maybe there are energetic vibrations we exude that people pick up on. Are they electrical? Inflammation in the body is linked to too much negative electricity in the body (which grounding helps alleviate). How much of a stretch is it to believe we have electrical connections with people that allow us to understand them so well that we can almost read their minds…even at a distance? Do we have electrical repeaters across space and time? Perhaps folded universes allow us to connect through this time and space…

Is this knowledge and understanding of others and of future events a part of what others believe is God? If the Christian God is all-knowing…are we tapping into a part of that god-like energy when we clue into the stuff we KNOW and don’t know how we know? Is the idea of an all-knowing being simply our connective nature as a society? Perhaps there exists the marriage of spirituality and science…energies at a quantum level that I cannot prove…I can only experience (and sometimes feel that I can influence) and philosophize upon.


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