Chapter 21- Female Marines in Combat

Virkler didn’t like me when he first saw me. I was used to looks of disgust and irritation, sometimes being mixed with attraction, which is typically displayed as a weird sneer. Virkler just observed me with a sense of frustration. Male Marines aren’t very secretive about hating female Marines. Virkler would later tell me that RCT-2 had a few females at the regimental level in North Carolina but they never worked with them and the females didn’t deploy to Afghanistan.

Male Marines hate female Marines because in their eyes, we are weak, we are promoted by being on our knees and sucking the dicks (physically and metaphorically) of the higher ranks, we dodge deployments by getting pregnant, and we get out of any shitty working party by batting our eyelashes at the Staff Non-commissioned Officers. Females in the Marine Corps account for 6.8%, as of 2017, of overall active duty Marines (officers and enlisted). We are used to being one or two in a platoon of 30 or 40 Marines. As a Data Marine, I was also less likely to serve with another female because computer science is not a field saturated with women; in my entire enlistment, I worked with exactly three other female data Marines. If there was a woman in Communications, she was probably Radio or Wire. I served and trained with a few in my unit on Camp Leatherneck and they were pretty cool, but they weren’t out on Camp Delaram with me.

Females in the Marine Corps bust our asses to be taken seriously by the males. Of course, there were always a few women who were notoriously weak and would fall out of runs consistently, but there are just as many men who fall out of runs as well. Everyone will call the man who falls out “a weak ass pussy” but they will look at the woman and say, “Of course she can’t keep up.” Of course. But the majority of female Marines I know are fucking badass women who take on more work, who run faster than the men, and who try every day to dispel the idea of a “typical female Marine.”

Every move we make is scrutinized by the men around us. If we fail at something, it is because we are a girl and not because we lack certain skills or weren’t trained properly. Our gender is a singularity on which our failures are measured. Hopefully this has changed or is changing within the Marine Corps.

The idea of women in combat has been greatly debated over the years. Personally, I can argue both sides and I see good points made by both simply based on my own limited exposure. Should a person’s sex determine whether or not they should be on the front lines? No. Can women do it? Some. Will it be difficult for the women and the men they are in combat with? YES. However, war is hard, no matter what is between your legs.

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