When The Sweat Drips: How Exercise Is Like Sex

Gasping for breath, you topple to the ground. You pull bits of your clothing back into place as you glance around you. The people who surround you are walking around dazed and sweaty, moisture gathering on their arms and faces; they might be a little red-faced and introspective. There is an atmosphere of elation and perhaps a little pride of the feats accomplished or a little shame at the noises that were made.

You can do it with a partner or you can do it in a group. Heck, you can even do it alone. You push yourself, you push your partner(s), and you get a little too excited to see them push past certain uncertainties and fears and accomplish something amazing. It is very physical, very intimate, and very emotional. Some people put their whole hearts into it and some people simply come for the comradery. Some are looking to be the best, spending tons of money on the right equipment to enhance their experience, and some are okay with the bare essentials. You can be fully invested or you can half-ass it, which everyone present is aware of, by the way. If you are from Alabama, it might even be a family affair! You can doubt yourself and be limited in overall satisfaction; you can overestimate your abilities and fail miserably with an audience.

There are moans and lots of movement. There are yelps and occasionally there comes a sharp rebuke. There are gasps of shock, peals of laughter, and maybe some crying. Sometimes additional bits of clothing get torn off in the middle of the event because someone started to get uncomfortably warm.

Afterwards, everyone grins and helps each other clean up. You will look your surroundings when you are done with a sense of exhaustion and maybe embarrassment at the number of towels it took to mop up the fluids that came from all of the bodies involved. Some people take longer to peel from the floor. Fluids are necessary to replenish. You are probably walking funny and wincing in pain from something you went a little overboard with. Once you catch your breath, you realize that you feel amazing as the endorphins flood your body.

You know that you want more. So you always come back.

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