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Patrons of mine can join me on my writing journey as characters in my flash-fiction stories, fiction AND non-fiction if they wish for me to write about their life. Let me write about your happy experience, your trauma, your divorce, your pain, your success, or your demise.

Some patrons can simply donate what they wish to give just to see my work continue. I appreciate all help, but monetary compensation isn’t necessary; I love to write and would eventually like to write full-time.

Patrons can have a flash story written for their enjoyment. The story can be non-fiction; it will be my take on an experience held by the patron. It can be fiction and have a lot of embellishment from me with the patron as a character. I will interview the patron to learn about them and the experience they want me to write so I can properly capture the essence of the story.


-Names can be changed or remain unchanged.

-It will be over 750 words and less than 1300 words.

-The story will be published on my blog with an excerpt about the patron unless the patron wishes to remain anonymous.

-The patron will receive the story prior to publishing to tweak any minor details such as specific wording.

-Delivery will be within a month. This can be expedited within reason for events such as holidays, birthdays, or anniversaries.


Visit my Patreon page by clicking here and let me start your story!

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