Chapter 14- And I Was Thinking To Myself, This Could Be Heaven or This Could be Hell

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Afghanistan, June 2010, Camp Delaram

When did I get my period last? Was it April? May? Fuck? I don’t remember anything. Is it June already? Yes, it’s June. Okay, I got to Delaram like three weeks ago in May, and…did I have my period on Leatherneck? Maybe? Fuck, I know I got it like twice but everything runs together like one giant Groundhog Day here. Okay, so we left America March 3rd, landed at Manas on the 4th, and I got here on like the….30th? So the next one was April 25ish and then May….oh right. I got it here. On Delaram. May 20ish. God dammit, why don’t I know when I get my period? Why don’t I track this shit? I always hate surprise bloody undies too so WTF I need to start tracking this. Shit. So 16 days ago. I got it 16 days ago. 16. Fucking. Days. Fuck. I can’t get pregnant. I can’t. I have four more months of deployment. I’ll start showing. Right? Fuck, I don’t even know when people start showing! Well if anything, I know that when a baby comes five months after deployment, I’ll be questioned and in some serious shit. But this happened to another girl and no one said anything to her. But that baby was only a month “early” and still people talk. She’s known as the slut. Fuck, I was even told about her “adventures” as an introduction by other people. What will people say about me? Will I go to the brig? What about William? This fucking jerk who didn’t even ASK if he could cum inside of me. Shit! What about my husband? I mean, fuck him, but I do love him. He’ll kill me. Straight fucking kill me. So that marriage is over, even if we wanted to work on it. Eh, I know he’s stupid but I still promised to love him forever. But he won’t love me. Not after this. Shit. Shit. Shit. Why the fuck didn’t I stay on birth control? Oh right, because you suck at taking pills and Stephanie got pregnant on the pill anyway, and the BC you were using needs to be refrigerated! WTF! This place is a hot ass hell hole. What about healthcare? I’m in the middle of a combat zone. They don’t have fresh fruits and veggies and they run out of food constantly….oh but I’ve wanted a baby so badly.¬†

Okay, look, calm down. There’s no way you’re going to get pregnant. That just doesn’t happen to people like you.¬†


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