Chapter 39- Afghanistan Timeline Adjustments

Stuff started coming back. And it changes the story.

I didn’t know I was pregnant yet during the second trip to the AUP station. I also didn’t see the dead bodies or get shot at until the second time. Yes, this matters. Yes, it changes the story. But that’s the point of me writing this. To get it right.

First trip, Virkler and I went on the day patrol. Second trip, it was bus wreck with the boy, the cookout one night, then seeing the tortured bodies, and getting shot at the second night.

It all matters. The context and timeline. I saw a bunch of shit and then was dropped back on Delaram to find out I was pregnant.

So chapters will move around in the final draft and it will change your perception of people. That’s what happens when you read a rough draft with a writer who has blocked out a lot of stuff that happened within 100 hours.


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