A Retraction

I had published Chapter 14 of The Afghanistan Story last night but retracted it when Virkler corroborated a portion of the story and corrected some of the events in a Facebook message. I had asked him if I could use his real name and honestly, I need someone to make sure I’m getting everything correct. We can consider this a rough draft to a real book. I wish to get everything laid out, and extract the chapters from the blog and flesh out certain areas and events before sending to an editor. I have always wanted to write a book and this blog is probably the best way to keep me honest about the pace with which I write.

CENTRIX install didn’t happen on the first trip.

It’s odd, I remember small moments exactly but I don’t remember certain over-arching story lines. So when I write in really deep detail, I am actually writing what I see in my head and it is as clear as a Technicolor dream. But the overarching story…it is so fuzzy. So if there are further revisions, remember, this is a rough draft and I’m trying to lay it out correctly. It is difficult to write about stuff that you’ve blocked out or just simply don’t remember in a fashion that tells a complete story.

The rest of June is a blur. Events in the story are happening very quickly and the story line is jumbled in my head. I’m working through it with Virkler and I’m sure others will speak up once they read it.

I have asked Virkler and Rambo if I could use their real names. They have both consented and I assume are reading it as I write it.

I’ll re-post Chapter 14 soon.