Unfamiliar Terms, Acronyms, and One Map for Afghanistan

Afghanistan flag, American flag, United States Marine Corps flag

Unfamiliar Terms

9 Line- a request for a medevac; this report contains nine sections of information to be transmitted over a radio

Advon- Advanced Party; a smaller detachment of military personnel sent ahead of the main party

Court Martial- punishment under the UCMJ that can result in loss of rank, loss of money, and imprisonment

HESCO- large structured barriers filled with sand and dirt to

HUMVEE- High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle

FLAK- a vested form of body armor that holds SAPI plates

FOBbit- a derogatory term for a person who never left the FOB; a play on words with J.R.R. Tolkien’s’ “hobbit”

Incoming- term shouted when mortars are possibly going to hit

Kevlar- the helmet issued to military members or the material with which the helmet is made of: para-aramid synthetic fiber

LT- short for lieutenant; pronounced L-T.

G-6- General Staff Level section of the United States Marine Corps for Signal and Communication (Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Systems)

Grunt- Military MOS with the first two delegators as 03 infantry that include rifleman, assaultman, scout sniper, reconnaissance, mortarman, machine gunner, baby killer, hardasses

Gunny- a fond name for a Gunnery Sergeant, or E-7, in the United States Marine Corps

Medevac- medical evacuation

POG- personnel other than grunt; pronounced “pogue”; typically a derogatory term

River City- a state of communications that requires the immediate shutdown of anything to be relayed out of the country; it is put in place in the event of a military member’s death until immediate family is notified, and in times of certain missions that the CO deems communication to be locked down.

Shoot the Shit- aka smoking and joking; to fuck off and not work; to converse with friends and other cohorts typically in a smoke pit and during the long moments of boredom

Terp- interpreter

Vic- vehicle

Wadi- an Arabic term for valley

White Line- an internet connection that is not affiliated with the Marine Corps’ network

Wook/Wookie- derogatory term for a female Marine


AC Air Conditioner
AFN Armed Forces Network
ANA Afghan National Army
AOR Area of Responsibility
AUP Afghan Uniformed Police
BAS Battalion Aid Station
CAR Combat Action Ribbon
CB Construction Battalion
CENTRIXS Combined Enterprise Regional Information Exchange System
CO Commanding Officer
COC Command Operations Center
COP Combat Outpost
ECP Entry Control Point
EKG Echocardiogram
FET Female Engagement Team
FOB Forward Operating Base
FROG Flame Resistant Organizational Gear
GBOSS Ground Based Operational Surveillance System
GI Government Issue
HME Homemade Explosives
ICU Intensive Care Unit
IED Improvised Explosive Device
IFAK Individual First Aid Kit
IP Internet Protocol
IV Intravenous
KIA Killed In Action
LMST Lightweight Multiband Satellite Communications Terminal
M-ATV MRAP All Terrain Vehicle
MCI Marine Corps Institute
MCMAP Marine Corps Martial Arts Program
MCT Marine Combat Training
MOS Military Occupational Specialty
MP Military Police
MRAP Mine Resistant Ambush Protected
MRE Meal-Ready to Eat
MTU Maximum Transmission Unit
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NCIS Naval Criminal Investigative Service
NIPRnet Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network
NVG Night Vision Googles
OOD Officer of the Day
PB Patrol Base
PMT Police Mentoring Team
POG Personnel Other than Grunt
PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
RAS Rear Area Security
R&R Rest and Relaxation
RCT Regimental Combat Team
REM Rapid Eye Movement
ROI Return On Investment
RV Recreational vehicle
SAPI Small Arms Protective Inserts
SIPRnet Secret Internet Protocol Router Network
SNCO Staff Non-Commissioned Officer
TCF Technical Control Facility
TCN Third Country National
TTYL Talk To You Later
UCMJ Uniformed Code of Military Justice
USMC United States Marine Corps
VA Veteran’s Affairs
VLC Video Lan Client
WPPL Wireless Point to Point Link
XO Executive Officer