The One Where I Discuss The Difficulty of Writing

It’s difficult to write sometimes. It isn’t because of writer’s block in the slightest. I have tons of stories and thoughts to share. No, it’s difficult to write because I am writing about my family, my friends, my lovers, and my lovers who eventually turned into enemies. I am writing stories about people, including myself, that aren’t flattering.

I have already been approached by people with whom I shared this blog with that what I’m writing about is deeply personal. Well, of course it is personal. It’s my personal blog, paid for through a personal plan with Word Press. And as I said in the featured post, it is deeply personal to write and share that writing.

When I write, I have to forget that I’m writing words that can be read by my husband, my best friend, and even my boss. I can’t tailor my writing to the audience. I am writing to help ME, not to inflate other’s egos. I might lose friends and respect. But I need to accept personal responsibility for the way I view people and things. I don’t write to hurt others, usually. I write to relieve the tension I feel when I experience something.

And with that, I’ll begin writing with the kid gloves off.